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Jane Seymour

The 20th Anniversary Celebration of the Wedding!

On May 20, 2015 CBR Radio celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the wedding of Dr. Michaela Quinn and Byron Sully. Cast and fans reminisced about the series and the making of this historic episode. If you missed the broadcast you can download it here or through Itunes.

CBR and the fans of Dr Quinn would like to thank the following cast/alumnai for participating in this podcast
Jane Seymour, Beth Sullivan, Helene Udy, Jonelle Allen, Orson Bean, Alley Mills, Henry Sander, Cheri Ingle and other cast (or cast alumnai) including Larry Sellars who were unable to get into the broadcast due to the large number of people on the line and a brief crashing of the server.

On March 13, 2015, CBR Radio presented a special evening, "The 20th Anniversary Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Reunion Radio Sbow.

With Special guests- Showrunner - Beth Sullivan, Jane Seymour, Joe Lando, Orson Bean, Alley Mills, Shawn Toovey, Jessica Bowman, William Shockley, Jonelle Allen, Helene Udy, Frank Collison, Geoffrey Lower, Jen Youngs, Director Chuck Bowman & Costume Designer Cheri Ingle.

This special broadcast was full of memories of filming, funny stories, and fond reunion meetings and catch ups with cast and crew news. If you missed this very special event you can listen to the broadcast here


Helene Udy Invites you to attend:


The Hollywood Fringe
June 11- 28

Winner of 7 Hollywood Fringe Awards, Four Clowns returns for a 5th year to present an evening of comedy, music, and mayhem in The Halfwits’ Last Hurrah. Part Vaudeville tribute, part showbiz farce – a fame-hungry showman and his troupe of halfwits struggle to keep their variety show alive.

Four Clowns is a Los Angeles-based, nationally and internationally touring clown troupe, dedicated to entertaining audiences and shining light on humanity. Four Clowns implements physical theatre, text, music, dance, and the shattering of the fourth wall in all of their productions. Four Clowns is constantly redefining the audience’s relationship to the performers on stage.

Check out the website for ticket information!

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Henry G Sanders

Our own beloved Robert E has a new project
which he would love your support for.

"Nadine" is an urban drama about a troubled teen with two strikes against her. One more and she loses her three year old son. Desperate to change her life, she goes back to her old boxing trainer, Kevin "Tex" Whitehead.

Loyalties are tested and deep scars are given a chance to heal. But not without Kevin's tough love. Will it be enough to win out in the end?

If you would like to support Henry and contribute to this project, please click here


Stay tuned for some exiting news about our own Miss Grace

Jonelle Allen's new TV series!

Joe Lando's new project


This independent project began with a short film in 2010

Feedback was so positive the project has been expanded with the cast primed for Spotlight 2

To learn more about how to support this film initiative starring Joe Lando click here

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