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Birthday- June 5th

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Chad Allen in Temporary Help

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Chad Allen
       "Matthew" on Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

Chad was featured in the 4th issue of the DQ Times:
Message from Chad's webmaster

Chad Allen winner of the Davidson/Valenti award which presented to an openly lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender media professional who has made a significant difference in promoting equal rights for our community.

We are also starting a new auction tonight. This time we're auctioning the third in our series of auctions to benefit Chad's AIDS/Lifecycle ride. So far we've raised just over $600 but much much more is needed. With the recession donations are down and the need is even higher than ever. If you can't bid please make a donation on the ride. So far Chad has raised about half of what he raised last year and less than 20 percent of what he raised his first year on the ride.

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"...we can't sit around and complain about the ways things are if we're not willing to create the change."

- Chad Allen

Thanks so much for your continued support of Chad!


Chad On Stage

Valerie Harper and Chad Allen will star in the Pasadena Playhouse's world premiere of Looped by Matthew Lombardo, to run June 27-August 3. The production, to be directed by Rob Ruggiero, will open officially on July 8.

The play is loosely based on the true story of Tallullah Bankhead's eight-hour looping session during the movie Die , Die, My Darling. Lombardo is best known as the author of Tea at Five.


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ABC's 20/20 speaks to Chad Allen about what it's like to be a gay actor in Hollywood.


Larry King Live transcript (Jan 17)
End of the Spear Controversy

For some the film's leading actor's personal life has influenced their feelings about the film-but for Chad, making this film was God's plan for him- Read more

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Chad's Victory

We would like to congratulate Chad Allen on meeting his goal of $25,000 in the Aids LifeCycle Ride!!
The Donald Strachy Mysteries
Shock to the System Read More

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Afterelton talks to Chad Allen

Chad's new movie, Third Man Out, the first in a series of detective movies based on the books by Richard Stevenson is available now on HERE TV.(Click here
to see if you have the channel on your network. If you have ON Demand, you have the channel ) Chad plays a gay detective who delves into the world of corruption, making enemies as he sets about solving crimes
. See more behind scenes from Third Man Out on Chad's Official Website
Chad attends Brokeback Mountain Premiere
Personal Appearances

When Chad Allen attended the premiere of Brokeback Mountain the so- called "gay cowboy movie' the Hollywood Insider was there to chat with him.
Read Interview with Chad

Chad Allen and the director of Third Man Out appeared at the Philadelphia Film Festival - Details

Chad speaks on depression

Independent Film Seminar

Trevor Project

Chad on Larry King

What Happens
Chad has also started a new theater project he is very excited about which deals with the homeless and at risk youth. What happens

Dr. Quinn's Kid Grows Up NEW
Chad talks to Bravo
Teen Beet interviews Chad Allen

Chad guests on NYPD Blue
Chad Allen's Scrapbook

Did you miss Chad's recent appearance on NYPD Blue?
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You know what fun it is to go through old scrap books and relive your childhood? Well we've unearthed some treasures from Chad Allen's past. If you think Chad is cute now wait until you see what he was like then! Take a look at Chad Allen's Scrap Book

Special Features

Chad and Shawn's Commentary
Now I know my ABCS
Chad recently completed a commentary for the Dr. Quinn Season 5 DVD sets with Shawn Toovey. While doing the commentary, Chad and Shawn recorded a short audio message for the DQ Times - Click here to listen To order your 5th season DVD click here
A  You're Adorable
More with the young Chad