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"1st Colleen" on Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

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November 2


A Message From Erika Flores

I want to thank everybody for their support and their kindness, and for the kind letters I have received over the years. It really means a lot and it makes a difference to me that my work means something to someone else.

Erika Flores

The two-part, four-hour TV movie Switched at Birth is based on an actual event which began unfolding in Wauchula, Florida in 1978. Brian Kerwin and Judith Hoag play the new parents of a baby girl; a few days later, another couple, played by John M. Jackson and Bonnie Bedelia, have a baby at the same hospital. Kerwin and Hoag's baby is healthy; Jackson and Bedelia's baby has a heart defect. Switched at Birth traces the lives of the two girls over a period of eight years--up to the point of a tragedy which opens the possibility that the girls may not have been given over to the correct parents at the hospital

A private eye is hired to reunite three sisters who have been separated for a long time, all of whom have well guarded secrets of the past.
Emily is a pregnant teenager from the poorer part of town whose boyfriend Greg, is cheating on her.with a wealthy girl. named NicoleWhen he discovers Emily is pregnant. Greg is driven to murder. Later at a graduation party, Nicole finds emily’s body on the beach. When She befriends emily’s mom suspicions begin to arise that cast doubt on Greg. (Sharon) Erika Flores
The Killing Secret
The Owl
She Woke Up
Alex L’Hiboux a ruthless mercenary- cum vigilante is know as the Owl because he never sleeps. His insomnia stems from a combined medical disorder and recurring nightmares of the murder of his wife and daughter. When Alex is approached by Lisa (Erika) a young girl whose father is missing, she awakens painful memories of his own daughter, but ultimately he agrees to help her locate her father. (Lisa) Erika Flores Surprisingly good soap opera in which the suspense and thrills are genuinely good revolves around a wealthy woman who awakens from a fourteen-month coma after an attempt is made on her life and now must remember who tried to kill her in order to prevent it from happening again.
 Visions of Murder
Jesse Newman is an ambitious psychologist in a therapy center. One day Gloria Hager appears in her office and starts telling about her husband, who beats her. But suddenly she runs out... When Jesse starts having visions of Gloria shortly after, she at first believes it's due to stress. But when she seems to witness Gloria's husband Truman dump her body into the sea, she reports to the police -- and gets under suspect herself.  (Kimberly) Erika Flores
Buried Secrets

A restless spirit asks a young woman to help apprehend the person who sent her mother to her death off a seaside cliff



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