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Frank Collison as Horace Bing
Birthday, February 14
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Frank Collison
 Frank Collison was featured in the first issue of the DQ Times:
My Name is Earl
Frank Collison and his wife Laura brought their own brand of humor to the NBC hit 'My Name is Earl'   Frank and Laura appeared in both the Pilot and the 9th episode of the series. If you would like to see Frank and Laura recreate their roles and perhaps return in a larger role, why not send NBC a note? Meanwhile take a look at some clips from their guest appearances.
Pilot Episode Cost Dad the Election
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   Read Frank's Message to the Fans
Here what Frank had to say on the DQ reunion radio broadcast recently about his memories of Dr Quinn
Latest News
Frank's recent tv commercial has quite a unique setting- the setting is a jail! Hmm wonder if Matthew Cooper is getting over zealous again! Check out the clip here from TBS

Frank has a new 'official' website. Check it out at www.frankcollison.com

Frank is a founding member of the Pacific Resident Theater and is frequently seen in productions along with fellow Dr. Quinn cast members Orson Bean and Alley Mills. For a schedule of upcoming performances visit http://www.pacificresidenttheatre.com/
Suspect Zero
The Village
FBI agent Thomas Mackelway is in the midst of investigating the case of a murdered serial killer when he discovers that a former FBI agent has dedicated himself to hunting down serial killers. Mackelway begins to realize that avenging agent is after "suspect zero" a serial killer responsible for murdering hundereds of people. (Piper) Frank Collison. MORE The Village is the thrilling tale of an isolated village confronting the astonishing truth that mysterious creatures reside in the surrounding woods. More on the Village From M. Night Shyamalan
The Whole Ten Yards
Frank with Matthew Perry in the Whole Ten Yards (the sequel to "Strabo Gogolak"

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The true story of Frank T. Hopkins, one of the greatest long-distance endurance horse riders

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We asked Frank about his experiences on the set of Hidalgo and here's what he had to say to the DQ Times.   Read Frank's Letter |

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A rare interview with Frank Collison
and Jonelle Allen.

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Part One

Part Two   
"I'm Horrid"
Want to know what Frank is talking about? 
Dr. Quack

Paramount Ranch - Then and NOW

Dr. Quinn fans might have noticed an eerily familiar feeling when watching Carnivale (the new HBO series in which Frank appeared recently in 2 episodes) . That's because the series was partially filmed at the Paramount Ranch which was completely transformed into a 1930s town for the production. DQ Times editor, Pam Hughes, visited the ranch and was quite astonished at what she found.

Paramount Ranch This is Paramount Ranch - before See photos of Paramount Ranch during the filming of Carnivale
HBO decided recently not to renew its contract with the Paramount Ranch and the set is being returned to a western theme, although not " Dr. Quinn' DQ Times staffer, Don Bitz has some wonderful photos to share of the ranch as it appears now.  Paramount Ranch Now
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