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Jim Knobeloch
"Jim Knobeloch" DQ
March 18
Jim Knobeloch agency photo

Jim Knobeloch
Jim Knobeloch was featured in the first issue of the DQ Times
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Jim Knobeloch appears in the 2006 Melbourne International Film Festival trailer which has already hit cinema screens in Sydney and Adelaide, and will make its debut on Melbourne screens from June 22, followed by appearances on Channel 10 and Channel 31 from June 25. Take a look! 

Jim recently appeared in Peter Jackson's feature film blockbuster King Kong. Although he originally auditioned for a smaller role which he didn't get, he was then chosen for a larger part

You can see the trailer and some clips from the film (one which includes Jim) here

Film Synopsis

Jim Knobeloch as Jake on set of Dr. QuinnMessage from Jim

Greetings and solicitations from the southern hemisphere where Beth, I and the kids are getting on fairly well, post Ponderosa and the car wreck of last year. Thanks for all of your cards, thoughts and prayers. Never surrender your passionate support for quality television that has the power to impact millions of lives in a positive and enduring way. Despite what they would have you believe, you can exert considerable influence on the decision making process. The best to all of us in 2003.

Jim Knobeloch

Jim Knobeloch most recent role on screen was Jack Wolf on the PAX drama, Ponderosa, the critically acclaimed, but sadly short-lived prequel to Ponderosa, created by Beth Sullivan.

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Have You Seen These?


A prequel to the classic television series Bonanza, features paced action as well as tender family moments. Daniel Hugh Kelly stars as young Ben Cartwright, a widower who is raising his three sons in the Nevada Territory.  

Cast of ponderosa

Heaven Sent

A beautiful, emotionally rich film with meticulous attention to detail and period authenticity, HEAVEN’S GATE is an epic Western about tolerance. Based on actual historical events taking place in late 1800s Wyoming, the film stars Christopher Walken as a hired gun and Kris Kristofferson as an idealistic lawman in a struggle between wealthy landowners and impoverished immigrant farmers. The film has reached cult status. (Jim played the role of Kopestansky in this film)
video cover of Heaven Sent