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What Matters Most
WHAT MATTERS MOST is a poignant modern-day Romeo & Juliet love story that deeply affects the lives of two divergent families and denizens of a small West Texas border town. A forbidden love and its consequences give way to the uplifting power of trusting yourself and following your heart.

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Getting Out
Nick Farrow is a young mid-twenties trust fund baby. He has been with his girlfriend for 9 months too long. The last 6 weeks have been spent trying to "get out" of the relationship. Needless to say he has had little success. After a long inventory of break-up mishaps, Nick enlists the help of his best friend to plan the perfect escape from his overbearing girlfriend. This time Nick is "Getting Out!"...or so he thinks.
Murder in New Hampshire
Based on a true story, "Murder in New Hampshire: The Pamela Smart Story" centers on a scheming young high school teacher. Pamela Smart has grown tired of her husband after only eleven months of marriage. One day, she takes a contract out on his life. But the hired killers are anything but old hands at murder. On the contrary, they're a group of students from her class.
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A Mother's Testimony
Kenny Carlson (Allen, TV's Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman) just out of prison after a two-year stretch for armed robbery, is apparently ready for a new life until Warren, Kenny's prison buddy shows up. When a man is murdered, and the last known people to have been seen with him were Kenny and Warren, the two become suspects.Confronted by his mother, Sharon (Kate Jackson, Charlie's Angels), Kenny accuses Warren of the murder, but his ex-buddy denies the accusation claiming that Kenny, not he, is the killer. Confused and torn by a mother's love for her child, Sharon must face up to the worst about her son.
Praying Mantis
Jane Seymour stars as a female serial killer in this made-for-cable thriller. Seymour stars as the unbalanced Linda Crandall, a woman who marries men only to kill them. She weds and kills five men before targeting widower Don Mc Andrews (Barry Bostwick). Her plans for a sixth murder are put into jeopardy when her soon-to-be sister-in-law becomes suspicious. Actor James Keach directed the film. Chad allen costars as Barry Bostwick's son.
Help Wanted Kids
Real-life married couple Cindy Williams and Bill Hudson star as New York yuppies Lisa and Tom Burke, who moved to Arizona when both are hired by a new ad agency. The couple's boss is big on "family values" and encourages his employees to project an appropriate image. Unfortunately, the Burkes are childless, and for a while it looks as if their fabulous new job will end before it begins. But not to worry: Lisa and Tom hit upon a foolproof scheme to create an "instant" family by advertising for a pair of rambunctious youngsters to pose as the Burkes' children.