My playmate, my buddy, my companion, my friend,
You inspirit, amuse, tolerate, defend.
You're faithful and loyal, steadfast and true,
I know I can always count on you.

You refresh my spirit, feed my soul,
When troubled waters take their toll.
You don't care about skin color, status or weight,
And are forever grateful for what's put on your plate.

Yet you ask for so little and give so much,
I feel reborn at your soft gentle touch.
You don't criticize, judge or intimidate,
And never ask questions when I come home late.

You're the jewel of my life, my treasure, my gold,
The soulmate with whom I can enjoyably grow old.
But you're only on loan from the great man above,
Sent down to teach me the completeness of love.

You've made my life perfect, the best it could get,
My Guardian Angel, my best pet.

Jean McQuaid