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Jane Remembers Christopher Reeve
Jane shared memories of her special friendship with Christopher Reeve in A Tribute to Christopher Reeve aired this evening on ABC with Barbara Walters. We would like to share that video clip with you as a tribute to this very special man

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Jane says goodbye (windows media)
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Jane on ET (Real Video)

Millions are mourning the death of Christopher Reeve today who passed away at the age of 52 from heart failure. Chris was a dear personal friend of Jane Seymour and James Keach. When asked about her favorite co stars, Jane has always named Christopher Reeve, describing the time she spent with him filming the cult classic Somewhere in Time as the best experience she has ever had on a film set. Since the accident that paralyzed him in 1995, Jane has referred to Chris as her inspiration, a friend who had come to mean so much to her that she named one of her twin sons after him. Those of us who never had the opportunity to meet Chris Reeve on such a personal level, will remember him as a man who refused to give up and who used his own personal pain to help heal others by working tirelessly toward a cure for spinal chord injuries. Although many saw Christoper Reeve as a hero, Christopher never saw himself that way,but instead insisted that it was the everyday people living with disabilities who are the real heros. Our hearts go out to his family, to Jane and James and his friends,and to the millions who saw in him the promise of hope that sadly he himself never saw fulfilled. For those who wish to honor Christopher Reeve and his dream, donations can be made to The Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation.

Christopher Reeve gives commencement speech