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Henry the Miracle Cat

For nearly two months, the Siena family hunted relentlessly for any sign of Henry, their 20-month-old trouble-prone cat, after he disappeared from home over labor Day weekend. When Henry then appeared at their doorstep on Halloween night, having lost half his weight, broken off all of his claws and gone blind, the Sienas didn'tthink he'd live to fulfill his new nickname
Henry the miracle cat,' said Billie Siena, who with her husband Jeff has helped nurse Henry back to health. "It's almost an unbelievable thing.'
How he got lost, she said, was as puzzling as how he found his way back home.

Always an outgoing and friendly cat, Henry has a thirst for adventure.
Twice Henry burned all four paws by jumping onto the top of the family's
glass-top stove, and on occasion nearly missed going through a dishwasher or dryer cycle.

"He's been everywhere he shouldn't be. No matter what you did, he would not stay indoors,' she said. "But he was not a cat that particularly travels."

On Sept. 5, he was kept inside all day because neighbors were moving and when he was let out for a bit, he just didn't come back.

The Sienas looked everywhere, put up countless fliers and made daily visits and calls to animal shelters. They just about given up hope, and stopped looking about a week before Halloween. And then, just as suddenly as he disappeared, Henry returned, lying in the drive way, covered in gravel and obviously seriously hurt.

An emergency visit to a veterinarian in Walpole landed Henry in the hospital for a week.He had broken all of his claws and gone from a hefty 17 to 8 pounds. He also had lost his eyesight and had liver damage.
"So he came home by scent and the vet thinks he dragged himself home on his side," Billie Siena said. "I know now that no one thought he would live. But my husband said we had to give him a chance."

Henry was so dehydrated and malnourished that the vet inserted a feeding tube.

Now he has surprised everyone once again. In the last six weeks, Henry has regained his sight and is now able to recognize his animal friends and places he has been.

Although he still has some motor difficulties, he's started to try to chase objects and has gained weight.

The Sienas still don't know where Henry was all that time, but now they're just glad to have him back.

"It's just wonderful, it truly is. His curiosity is back, and he's looking for trouble," Siena said. "he's probably used all his nine lives and probably . borrowed some, too."

Rebecca Keister

Mansfield Gazette