From the High Hussy

AHHHHHHH!!!!!! THe Hussy Queen would be dancing a jig if she wasn't too busy drooling and oohing and ahhing over what arrived in the mail today: MY CALENDARS CAME!!!! I'm so excited. These are the most professional, amazing looking calendars that I have EVER SEEN OF ANY STAR! He's gorgeous--so Jen had great material to work with--but she did an absolutely stunning job of this. YOU MUST ORDER ONE! YOU WILL BE SORRY FOREVER IF YOU DON'T! I owned almost all of the photos in it already, but that doesn't tell the whole story: it's a work of art!!!! Most of the photos will be new to the majority of William's fans who never saw the first website, and Jennifer has done a simply amazing job of getting the most out of each page. The front cover is a delight, and January has my favorite of all pictures of William, ever in his whole life, the one from The Road! His eyes are piercing into yours and his mouth.... Well, I suppose I shouldn't be so much of a Hussy since this is a photo of William, not Hank, but OMG it's HOT! My birthday month, Feb., has Tiiu's wonderful shot of him leaning on the fence, and MARCH has THAT photo: the one with the black shirt open below his belly button. Is it hot in here or is it me? April's photo reminds me vaguely of John Lennon, for some reason---maybe the glasses and hair style, and in May we get three shots of him that show his pensive, sensual moodiness. Hank appears in June, and two photos of William at an early stage of his career are featured in July. For those who love a man in a suit, you'll go nuts over August, and September has a recent shot that I absolutely love. October ended up with another one of those photos where his eyes hold you and won't let go, and November features a page from the Hollywood Reporter celebrating the 100th show for Dr. Quinn. December shows Hank with some of his Hussies and gives credit to Hank's Hussies Production and people who had some hand in this project.

THIS IS A MUST HAVE, LADIES! If you haven't ordered yet, don't wait any longer! Jennifer deserves major kudos for the work that she did putting this together. It's simply something you can't possibly live without if you are a William or a Hank fan! It is worth every penny, and--as you know--Hank's Hussies always charge only what it cost us for projects: you don't pay for the work we do. Now I can't WAIT for January to hang this on my wall! It is more than AWESOME--what word could possibly describe this? It's beyond beautiful! GROWL....and Yum!