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How did you put yourself into the role of Hank for DQMW? How did you
get "into Hank's skin?"

I loved playing the role of 'Hank Lawson'. I felt perfectly at home in Hank's skin', so to speak?

Hank Lawson was representative of what a real man was actually like in the 1800's. Hank was honest, realistic,strong, convicted...not afraid to take action despite the fact that some people might disagree with him.

Many television viewers never understood that men in the 1800's were very different from men in the modern world that we live in today. The laws were different in the 1800's. The social values were different. Businesses were different. Not many people realize that as America expanded west and frontier towns were built in the 1800's, the Saloon and Whorehouse were the first businesses to be created. The migrating cowboys wanted to stop into a town and have a drink, a bath, and a 'fun'evening. If a town didn't have a Saloon or Whorehouse, no cowboys would come to that town.

What memories do you have of the years of filming Dr. Quinn?

My favorite memories are of the people that I worked with on "Dr. Quinn". The cast and crew had a great time together, virtually on a daily basis. After six years, you definitely have a sense of family and community. I am still good friends with Joe Lando, Jane Seymour and Helene Udy. I value the privilege that I had by being on a show that was so well written, had such a talented cast, and was so well received around the world.

What is the episode or the scene which got to you the most?

I suppose the most emotional episode for me was when Hank revealed tothe townspeople that he actually had a son. Hank loved his child, and had been taking care of the boy since he was born. That episode was excellent. I also enjoyed the episode where Myra was having trouble
with her baby, and Hank was the one person that was capable of getting the baby to stop crying. I always enjoyed the episodes where Hank was allowed to expose his softer side.

Would you have liked to further develop the relationship between Hank
and Myra?

I truly wish that the Hank & Myra relationship had been developed. Helene Udy is such a strong actress. She is fearless and willing to dive deep into a character, which is the exact philosophy that I have about acting. Helene and I got along famously as friends, and we discussed the history and relationship of Hank and Myra all the time. There was such a rich, hidden opportunity to uncover with Hank & Myra. After all, the back-story of Hank & Myra was that Myra had traveled with =
Hank to Colorado Springs, and they obviously had been in a relationship together in the past. Hank had strong feelings for Myra...basically, love.

What traits do you have in common with Hank?

My common points with Hank are honesty, strength, and conviction.

The relationship between Hank and Sully was always conflicted. Can
you provide us with some insight into it?

The Hank & Sully relationship is another relationship that I wish the writers had explored deeper. Joe and I were great friends on the show, and we always talked about how our characters felt about each other. This allowed Joe and me both to bring a more complicated emotion to a scene. Hank & Sully respected each other. Although our characters were very different, they both operated from their own sense of truth and honesty. They both tried to do what they felt was correct. Joe and I
were always aware of the opportunity that existed between our characters, and we both wanted a more evolved relationship to be revealed on-screen.

Of What are your thoughts on the character of Michela? And on the
actress, Jane Seymour?

My personal view of the Michaela Quinn character was that of a smart, strong, committed woman. Jane Seymour was born to play this role. Jane is a beautiful, strong, multi- talented, ambitious woman, and I can't imagine a better actress to play the part of Michaela Quinn. Jane was definitely the star of "Dr. Quinn", and I respect and admire the work that she did on our show.

What was your reaction to the announcement of the cancellation of the

I was heartbroken when CBS cancelled "Dr. Quinn". The news came out of nowhere. The executives at CBS actually told us that we were picked up for a seventh season, then a couple of days later they cancelled the show without explanation. "Dr. Quinn" was number one in its timeslot
for six years in a row. I think the politics at CBS destroyed "Dr.Quinn", which was the show that made Saturday night TV popular.

Do you see a future for more of Dr Quinn?

I sincerely doubt that "Dr. Quinn" will return. They might make one more movie-of-the-week based on the series, but even that would probably be unlikely.

If one day the series began again, would accept an offer to resume your

If the "Dr. Quinn" series were to be revived, I would love to play Hank Lawson again

Do you still see other actors who were in the series?

Yes. I see several of the actors from time to time on a social basis.

You had filmed a pilot of a series that was a spin-off of Dr Quinn. Why
did California never air?

The "California" spin-off series was an excellent show. Beth Sullivan wrote "California", and the story took Hank Lawson from Colorado to LosAngeles. The show was never aired by CBS, and to this day, I don't know why. Beth wrote a fabulous script, and the actors that were involved in
"California" were great. Laura Harring played my love interest. James Brolin, who is married to Barbra Striesand, played the local sheriff. I really wish CBS would have allowed the fans to see this wonderful 2-hour movie. ( See video highlights from California!)

During our interview with Jane Seymour, she confirmed to us that you were involved in a common project? What is the status of this series?

I co-wrote a feature script called THE GLORY FOREVER. I met with Jane and her husband, James Keach, about the possibility of Jane playing the female lead role of "Debbie Laramie" in this film. Jane told me thatshe loved the part and would be interested. I would play the male leadrole of "Kent Dylan". In this story, unlike "Dr. Quinn", Jane and my character would actually fall in love. The project is set up with a production company based at Sony Pictures. Jane is perfect for this
role, and I would love the opportunity to do another project with her. At the moment, the financing is being worked out for the script, so until that is finalized, I don't know all of the details about the final cast.

NOTE: William's answer was completed in January 2005, and since then the name of the script has changed and, to my knowledge, Jane was not able to agree to terms with the production company and is not attached to the role now, if and when the film is made.

What are your current projects?

When "Dr. Quinn" was cancelled, I decided to devote my time and talent to projects that were close to my heart. I wanted to focus on writing, which I have done. THE GLORY FOREVER is one of those projects. I also co-wrote a film noir feature script entitled CATHEDRAL CITY, as well as
a television pilot entitled LAKE TRAVIS, which was set up at Miramax Television for a period of time.

I have also focused primarily on my music. I was never able to give full attention to my musical desire, since I was always on a TV series or doing a movie. Music has always been a passion of mine, and I am very excited about my band, called SEEDY SIDE.

I have been working extremely hard with this band, and our debut album is finished and will be available at www.seedyside.com

The music can be categorized in the 'Modern Rock' genre. I write the lyrics and sing lead vocals. Robert Richards is our guitarist, writes the music, and sings. Tad Dollase is our bass player. Tad and I have been playing together for six years. James McCrone is our lead guitarist. James is also a great music engineer. He has worked on 38 albums, and won a Grammy for his work on Eminem's "Marshall Mathers LP" (2000). James Hannon is our drummer. We will be playing live shows in =
2005 to promote our self-titled CD.

Have you a small word to be said to your fans?

I appreciate everyone who was a fan of "Dr. Quinn", or of any of the other projects that I have been involved in. We all need each other to make the world go around, and I am thankful for the people that have been a part of my career, both directly and indirectly.

Are you married?


Where do you live now?

I live in Southern California, outside of Los Angeles. I also spend as much time as possible in Texas. I am a partner in a restaurant in Austin, Texas called "Cafe Josie". We have been open for around seven years, and the food and ambiance are outstanding. You can go to www.cafejosie.com to find out more about the menu and the restaurant. Anyone visiting Austin should definitely stop by for a great meal, and tell the manager that William sent them.

Have you ever returned to Norway, your country of origin?

My ancestry is actually English, Dutch and Cherokee Native American Indian. I have been to both England and Holland and am a registered member of the Cherokee Nation.

Would you like to come to France to meet your fans?

I would love to travel to France to meet all of you. Let me know the time and place, and I will be there. Perhaps SEEDY SIDE could come with me, and we could give you a concert! I lived in Paris for a while before I moved to Los Angeles, and I absolutely adore France.

Why did you not take part in the Dr. Quinn Movies?

I really would have liked to do the film but CBS didn't make a respectable/acceptable offer. After six year of a series, the offer was unacceptable. (this is a rough translation from the original version French)

Our thanks to Gypsy, for translating the above French interview which has been reprinted here with the permission of William Shockley.