The main reason we do not know the exact subspecies of Sully's WOLF, is because his character has been played by several *Alaskan Malamutes*.

**Cody * * is the original "actor" to play WOLF. However, since he was a lover, not a fighter, he had a "double," just for growling purposes, named Mica. Cody, eventually, had to retire due to age requirements, and was replaced by his son, Chaz. However, for attack scenes, (as in The Legend) Chaz had a "stunt double" by the name of King.

{Credit for the amazing performance of these malamutes, goes to Mr. Dennis Grisco, owner and trainer.}

Since the Malamute actors who play WOLF, "dress" for the part in their own "coats," we don't have coloring or distinctive features to go by in order to try and determine WOLF'S subspecies, and no detailed information on him has ever been given to identify his origin.

{A fellow DQMW fan, BECKY W., has contributed firsthand knowledge about the Alaskan Malamute breed. Becky has been raising and training them for over 25 years so she is able to speak with some authority on how well trained the "cast" of Malamutes playing WOLF have been. According to Becky, "they are not the easiest dog to train, but can learn anything... and have the physical attributes that resemble wolves, such as, size, coloring, coat, ear set and facial shape..."}

The following is a published article on Cody:

“If a movie or television show calls for a wolf, the animal usually
chosen for the role is a breed of dog called a malamute -- and often, the dog that is cast is a ten-year-old malamute named Cody. He has been in many TV shows, commercials, and movies. These days, Cody is playing the role of Wolf one CBS-TV's Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. As the "best friend" of Byron Sully (played by Joe Lando), Wolf strikes an impressive figure as the two battle the forces of nature as well as the bad guys of the Old West.

Real wolves are naturally suspicious and skittish around humans -- even if they have been raised from puppyhood by a trainer. Because these instincts can make wolves unpredictable, it could be dangerous to use them on a film set. That's one reason Cody is so valuable. He looks like a wolf, but he is professional and good-natured. Cody's so lovable and unwolflike, he has to have a malamute double named Mika to do his snarling scenes!”