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 Beth Sullivan
August 29th

Beth Sullivan
  Creator/ Producer Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman
Beth Sullivan was featured in the first issue of the DQ times: Issue One- Volume One

Beth Sullivan and Jim Knobeloch are now divorced and Beth has returned with her children to live in work in California


Invitation to write to Beth Sullivan

For those who have been asking about Beth, she would love to hear from you! If you would like to send Beth a letter, contact us

A Special Message From
Beth Sullivan
                    photo courtesy of Beth Sullivan
Beth's Special Tribute

When interviewed for the DQ Times, Beth Sullivan stated that she drew her inspiration for her desire to write for television from the late Fred Rogers. Recognizing the power of the television medium, Fred was determined to use it in a positive way. Beth Sullivan's philosophy, 'In through the mind, out through the heart' was a testament to that same philosophy. This month the DQ Times is privileged to have as a guest writer Beth Sullivan who shares a little about her personal friendship with Fred Rogers in a very special tribute- " We miss you

Pioneering Ways
The Friendship Quilt

A history buff and fifth generation Angelino whose descendants came West in 1843 in a wagon train, Beth Sullivan is something of a pioneer herself.
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BETH SULLIVAN - Biography -
Beth Sullivan is the creator and executive producer of the hit television series
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman ..

Full Biography
Read about the very special gift given by the fans to Beth Sullivan and Jim Knobeloch

The Friendship Quilt

Agoura Hills, CA. "If a guy fails in the television industry, that's okay. But a woman?
Part One

Part Two (1-3)
A rare interview with Beth Sullivan
Beth Sullivan on the set of Dr. Quinn
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