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Birthday- November 1st
Helene Udy as Myra on Dr. Quinn

Helene was featured in the second issue of the DQ Times: Volume 1- Issue

Helene Udy
Myra on Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman


Meet Helene Udy in Person at the Hollywood Show
July 16th & 17th


Dr Quinn's own Myra will be greeting fans and signing photos at the Hollywood Show in Burbank California July 16th 10 a.m.- 5 p.m and July 17th 10 a.m.- 4 p.m.- Come meet "Myra"

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The Hollywood Show will be held at the Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel & Convention Center 2500 North Hollywood Way Burbank, California 91505 For More Info Call Our Hotline At 1-877-829-SHOW

Congratulations to Helene and the cast of "Rehab, the Musical" for winning best musical at the Hollywood Fring Festival!- Rehab- the Musical

Helene Udy Interview on Stana Talk

Listen to Helene's Blog talk radio chat with Pam and Sheryl on StanaTalk

Helene Udy Interview on - the Power of One
http://www.yourpowermission.com/id85.htm with Debra Berg about her amazing new documentary on malaria. If you haven't yet seen it, the trailer from the film is now up on Utube at
If you missed Helene's interview you can download it HERE


Helene's Blog

Lots of news from Helene!

From a stint as a crazed serial killer, to a documentary on Malaria to a new job, Helene has lots to share in her latest blog.

Then journey with Helene as she takes us to Africa and India and shares how that experience will stay with her forever.

Helene's journey

A rare interview with Helene Udy and Henry Sanders

Helene Udy and Henry Sanders during interview for Canadien tv program
Download Video
Part Two

Part One

Helene in Sirens of Cinema!


In Helene's latest role she plays the title character of KatieBird- in the indie horror flick " KatieBird, Certifiable Crazy Person. For Helene, playing the role of the tortured "Katie' was one of the most horrific and challenging experiences of her career. Read why in this fascinating article

Katie Bird reviews

Let me Entertain You

As 'Myra,' the prostitute with the proverbial 'heart of gold,' Helene Udy won our hearts with her sweetness and compassion. But Myra also had a comical side which we loved as well- Remember the time when she started
sleepwalking and Horace found her in the Saloon, sitting on Hank's lap eating hard boiled eggs and 'kissin'? Or who can ever forget the time she decided to 'entertain' the good folks of Colorado Springs with a rousing rendition of Little brown jug' in the middle of the night!  

Well Helene still enjoys 'entertainin' folks, only now she does it in a way that just might bring her into your own home!   Take a peek
Helene's Scrapbook

Helene answers your questions

Find out what Helene Udy's 'racy' secret was to staying trim and healthy

Did you know that Helene Udy once spent 3 days in jail and was fired from a popular soap opera? Helene shares this story and more in an article from her own personal scrapbook.
Read Rebel With A Cause

See below for a video interview in which Helene talks about these incidents and more

Q:    Who did you have the most fun with on the Quinn set in between scenes?-

Read Helene's answers
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