Helene's Cast Page
Helene Udy, the youngest of two girls, was born November 1st in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The daughter of a Jewish mother and a father who was an Anglican minister, Helene's background provided a rich mixture of cultural traditions. An unsuccessful variety pilot at age fifteen and a series of small roles ultimately led to what she refers to as her biggest "claim to fame" My Bloody Valentine, a horror spoof, which has since become a cult classic.

Determined to hone her craft, Helene attended the Dome Theatre School of Montreal,earning the distinction of being the youngest person ever to be accepted to the school. A steady flow of acting opportunities while still a student however, proved to be too tempting and she left the school without graduating. Helene was one of the original cast members of the pilot for Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. Her character, Myra, a prostitute with a proverbial ' heart of gold' married Horace and eventually gave birth to a baby girl, Samantha. Helene's character left the show in the fourth season as a result of a storyline in which Horace and Myra experienced marital problems. An outpouring of support from the fans led to the return of "Myra' in season five for one episode- Before the Dawn in which Horace attempts suicide upon learning of the dissolution of his marriage. Since leaving Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, Helene Udy with her production company, has produced and starred in the critically acclaimed If Tomorrow Comes, an entry in the 2001 Cannes Film Festival. She will soon be appearing in the West Coast premiere of Gary Lennon's off broadway production ' Blackout'.