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Birthday- March 1st


Shawn Toovey
       "Brian" on Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

Shawn was featured in the second issue of the DQ Times

Thank you to all the fans who have supported us for over ten years. Without you guys, we never would have made it. It's so great to think back on DQ and hope we made a difference in somebody's life, and as strongly as the fans still support us, I know we did. It was a great experience, one I think ended before it's time. But I'm glad we had the opportunity to do what we did. I hope you enjoyed and continue to enjoy our show, because you are the reason we did it. Thanks for the ten years of support and beyond. - Shawn Toovey



Brian is all grown up! Shawn and his wife Marianne recently gave birth to a baby girl April. They now live in Florida.
Shawn recently graduated from College and the DQ Times staff and our members sent congratulations to Shawn and his longtime girlfriend Danette. Shawn hopes to return to acting eventually.

Shawn's parents sent the following note in response to the fan support.

A quick note to let you know that we got all the cards and Shawn and
Danette were very excited to read them and very appreciative to all the
people that sent them. They and we especially want to thank you for
everything you did to make it happen. They are now both alumni instead
of students.

Jim and Cynthia Toovey
My Favorite Things
Shawn shared some of his favorite things in a recent exclusive interview with DQ Times editor Pam Hughes- Take a look

Shawn and Erika on the set
What was it like for a young Shawn Toovey and Erika Flores on the set of Dr. Quinn?

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Chad and Shawn on 5th season DVD
Shawn recently completed a commentary for the Dr. Quinn Season 5 DVD sets with Chad Allen. While doing the commentary, Shawn and Chad recorded a short audio message for the DQ Times -

Click here to listen

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