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These are a few of my favorite things...

We asked Shawn Toovey what some of his favorite things are in a recent exclusive interview for the DQ Times. Take a look at some of his answers- they may surprise you!

Where would you like to live eventually?

Shawn- " I guess on the beach."

What is your favorite color?

Shawn- " I'd have to say red but I have a lot of green stuff too"

Favorite kind of music?

Shawn- "It's hard to put a genre on but if I had to say one- Alternative Rock. Anything from Creed to Brink 182 to...

What are your favorite sports teams?

Shawn- " In the NFL I like the Denver Broncos. I always loved John Elway, he's my favorite athelete. My favorite team right now is the New York Jets. In Basketball it would be the Spurs. "

Favorite kinds of books?

Shawn- I like to read about a variety of topics, one book I really like is "Sphere" by Michael Crichton."

Favorite movie?

Shawn- " Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Jurassic Park is a close second."

Favorite kinds of foods?

Shawn- " I'm a vegetarian" Papa John's cheese pizza and McDonald's French Fries and veggie tacos!

Favorite actor?

Shawn- " Harrison Ford also Tom Cruise, Jim Carrey would be fun to work with"

What do you watch on television?

Shawn- " The Apprentice and Scrubs" Some Disney Channel

What do you like best about Danette (Shawn's long time girlfriend

" She's always there for me not matter what. I enjoy spending time with her. We are friends first."