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Welcome to Paradise

WELCOME TO PARADISE is the inspirational family story of a preacher who is sent from a big city church to Paradise, a small, rural community that is in desperate need of direction. The fact that the preacher is named Debbie only complicates things. She finds a town that is stuck in complacency as well as a town that turns its back on its neediest neighbors. Debbie begins building a new vision for her congregation and the veil of indifference starts to lift. When the Paradise Church is accidentally burned down, and it's charter is in danger of being revoked, the members rally around Debbie and in doing so, realize that a "church" is defined by it's community, not by the four walls that house a Sunday Service. Debbie's kindness and insight bring a blast of fresh air to this out of the way country town. It also brings her a second chance at love.

Welcome to Paradise (2006)
Directed by
Brent Huff

Production Company- Out of Pocket Films

Writing credits
William Shockley and
Brent Huff

Cast (in credits order)

Crystal Bernard .... Debbie Laramie

Bobby Edner .... Hayden Laramie

Brian Dennehy .... Bobby Brown

William Shockley .... Kent Dylan

Beth Grant .... Frances Loren

Ken Jenkins .... Reverend McNamara

Nick Searcy .... Reverend Ellington